Outlook for the web – Hide attendees list

Hide attendee list for event invites.

Response options > Hide attendee list

In Outlook for web there’s an option to Hide attendee list when you create an event on the Outlook calendar.

  1. Open Outlook for web in a web browser.
  2. Choose Calendar from the left navigation.
  3. Click New event to create a new meeting invitation.
  4. Select the Response options dropdown from the top.
  5. Click Hide attendee list.
  6. Save and send the invite.

Attendees will receive an invitation to the meeting but will not see the list of all invited attendees prior to the meeting. Once the Teams meeting has started attendees can see other attendees while in the meeting. This feature is helpful for large meetings where you don’t want to share the list of all attendees in the invite, similar to the BBC option when sending an email.

Note: This is currently only available in Outlook for the web.

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