The Experts Conference 2020

The Experts Conference (TEC) returned in 2019 after a 7 year hiatus to Charleston, SC. I was invited to speak in the Office 365 track on SharePoint Online – Rethink your information architecture.  TEC is a small two-day conference that’s focused on Azure Active Directory (and Active Directory), migration, and Office 365. All sessions are level 300 – 400 so speakers really need to come prepared.

So much changed in the SharePoint world over the last 7 years and this was a great opportunity to discuss SharePoint architecture using hub sites, communication sites, and modern SharePoint.

I had a great time at the event and learned a ton. One attendee said to me:

“Your session was the one session I was least looking forward to, and the one session that I learned the most in!”

I’ll take that as a complement. I’m glad they were able to take away so much. I look forward to delivering even more the next time. Speaking of next time …

I’m excited to announce I’ve been asked to return to TEC in Atlanta, GA on Nov. 17-18.

I’ll be delivering an updated version of my talk from 2019. This session will cover the new Home sites announced a Microsoft Ignite, as well as site scripts, the Mover acquisition for migrating to the cloud, modernization scanners for wiki/web pages, legacy forms and workflows, and more! I hope 75 minutes is enough time to cover it all!

Rethinking your SharePoint deployment with SharePoint Online and Office 365!

 If you’re migrating from SharePoint on-premises or considering implementing SharePoint Online this is the session for you!

This isn’t the SharePoint on-prem you know, it’s new and improved, and bigger than imagined. Migrating from on-premises to the cloud isn’t a lift and shift … there are many legacy features you need to reconsider in the world of SharePoint Online and Office 365.

This session will discuss:
When a SharePoint site isn’t just a SharePoint site – legacy team sites, modern team sites, Office 365 group sites, Microsoft Teams team site, hub sites, communication sites, and home sites. So many sites!
When to use legacy SharePoint apps (lists/libraries) and when to consider applications in Office 365.
How to transform classic pages to modern client-side pages.
How to hubify your site collections and embrace a flattened new world.


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