SharePoint Saturday Virginia, Beach 2020

I’m excited to speak at SPS Virginia, Beach for the first time. SPSVB is where SharePoint Saturday started in 2009. It’s since grown to become a weekly, world-wide event. I’ll be presenting two sessions at SPSVB2020.  

Rethinking your SharePoint deployment with SharePoint Online and Office 365!

If you’re migrating from SharePoint on-premises or considering implementing SharePoint Online and Office 365 this is the session for you! This isn’t the SharePoint you once knew, it’s new and improved, and it’s bigger than you imagined. Migrating from on-premises to the cloud isn’t a lift and shift … there are many legacy features you need to reconsider in the world of SharePoint Online and Office 365.

In this session we’ll discuss:
When a SharePoint site isn’t just a SharePoint site – legacy team sites, modern team sites, Office 365 group sites, Microsoft Teams team site, hub sites, communication sites, and home sites. So many sites!
When to use legacy apps (lists/libraries) and when to consider newer options from SharePoint Online and Office 365 applications.
Which options you have for upgrading your forms solutions – InfoPath vs. Power Apps!
Which options you have for upgrading your workflow solutions – SharePoint Designer workflows vs. Power Automate (Flow)!
And more!

This is a fun session. I enjoy discussing how much SharePoint Online and Office 365 will change an organization’s approach to SharePoint. SharePoint Online is so much more than SharePoint on-prem. 

Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! SharePoint Saturday Edition

We have a fine show for you today, especially for you SharePoint fans. It’s time for something different, something new and exciting – Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! SharePoint Saturday Edition!

In this 30-minute-long news-based quiz show panelists and contestants are quizzed in humorous ways about recent SharePoint news and announcements. We’ll put a SharePoint Saturday spin on:

  • Who’s Bill This Time?
  • Panel questions
  • Bluff the Listener
  • Not My Job
  • Listener Limerick Challenge
  • Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank
  • Panelists’ Predictions

All while learning about the latest and greatest in SharePoint!

First, I’m hoping not to get sued by the benevolent corporate overlords at NPR.
Second, I’m really excited to present this session. I didn’t think Susan Lennon would go for it and threw the abstract out as a way to write something creative. I’ve missed the creative side of work for awhile now. Susan asked me if I could work the event raffles into the session as well, and I think I’ve figured it out. I asked the SPSVB speakers if anyone would be interested in joining the panel and the response was great!

Who’s Bill This Time will feature Christian Buckley @buckleyplanet

Panel Questions, Bluff the Listener, Lightening Fill-in-the-Blank, & Panelists’ Predictions will feature Ashley Rogers @AshleyKHillier, Tom Daly @_tomdaly_, Dan Usher @binarybrewery, Joe Dunn @playwithwordz, Paul Telkamp @Cutulus, Mike Maadarani @mikemaadarani, & Chris Douglas @CigarDoug. Thanks everyone!

Not My Job will feature a special celebrity guest speaker! I won’t reveal them yet but I’m pretty excited and I think the crowd will be too! Stayed tuned for a follow up post. 

I figure it’ll go a couple of different ways:

  • It’ll be a total failure and compel me to never attempt to be funny again.
  • It’ll go over well and I’m well on my way to writing cheeky comedy sessions for future events.
  • I’ll get sued by NPR.

No matter which way it goes I’m looking forward to delivering a session that’s a little different than the technical sessions I normally give.
















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